Fellows Program:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the Fellows Program existed?

Since 2003

How many Fellows have there been?


What Philadelphia area law schools does the Fellows Program draw from?

Temple, Villanova, Rutgers, Penn, Drexel, Delaware

Is the Fellows Program limited to Philadelphia area schools?

No, there have been Fellows from Howard, GW, Harvard, Columbia, BU, BC, NYU, Emory, Michigan, U. Iowa, U. North Dakota, Duke, UVA, U. Maryland, Penn State, Dickinson, Wake Forest, Notre Dame, Roger Williams, Berkeley, U. Pittsburgh, American, Vanderbilt, Washington U. (St. Louis), Northwestern and Cornell, among others.

How many Fellows are there each year?

In recent years, around 40.

I don’t come from the Philadelphia area – am I still eligible?

Absolutely.  PDLG has had Fellows from all over the country.

I’ve read the PDLG definition of diversity to see if I am eligible and I am not sure. How do I find out?

You can find out from Lois Kimbol, Chairperson of the Fellows Program and PDLG Vice President for Programs.  Email her at loiskimbol5647@gmail.com to set up a call.

Does the Fellows Program have a grade cut off?

PDLG is primarily looking for students who are getting A’s and B’s in law school. That generally equates to a 3.0 but in some situations, exceptions can be made.

How many law firms hire through the Fellows Program?

While this varies from year to year, about 30.

What kind of firms are they?

Some are global firms with thousands of employees around the world; some are national firms with offices all over the US; some are regional firms, based in the mid-Atlantic states; some Philadelphia area firms.  Most are full service firms, with lawyers practicing in all areas of the law; some are boutique firms with a focus on one primary area.

Who else hires through the Fellows Program?

Again, this varies a bit year to year, but around 10 in-house law departments participate, at companies like Comcast, Aramark, Chubb, Vanguard, GSK, Ikea, FMC,  Independence Blue Cross, Lincoln Financial and Spark Therapeutics.

Do I get to choose where I work?

The matches are made by lottery but all employers commit to fully including their PDLG Fellows in all aspects of their summer programs – providing significant legal work, feedback, training, exposure to senior lawyers and clients.

If I apply to the Fellows Program and get an offer am I required to accept it?

The choice is yours whether or not to accept.  Over the years, however, fewer than a dozen offers have been declined.

Does the Fellows Program guarantee a 2L job?

2L offers are up to the employers and are based on performance.  The Fellows Program does guarantee interviews with several PDLG firms selected by each Fellow, regardless of the law school interview selection process.

How are Fellows’ salaries decided?

Each Fellow makes the same amount of money and works for the same number of weeks as any 1L summer associate at the Fellow’s firm or law department. PDLDG does not set salaries.

Does PDG provide any career guidance to the Fellows?

Yes, in several ways.  We have seminars with the hiring partners at most of our member law firms where our Fellows get information about the firms’ hiring practices straight from the decision makers.  There are also opportunities for discussions with federal and state law clerks about whether to clerk, when to clerk, and how to get a clerkship.  And there are programs on professionalism, maximizing the chances of an offer for the next job and even making the most of networking opportunities.

I have never worked anywhere like a law firm or law department, how will I learn the rules/what is expected/the culture/how to feel comfortable?

Before work starts, PDLG has an all day seminar that talks about everything from the ten deadly sins for summer associates, to what summer associates actually do in law firms and law departments, to professionalism standards, to how to handle any issues, to how to get and use feedback.

When can I apply?

You can submit your application any time between December 1 and January 19 but decisions on invitations to interview aren’t made until after January 19 – and your 1L grades are received - so there is no advantage to applying early. Take your exams, take some time off, then apply.

Should I only ask for a recommendation from a class where I did really well?

It is more important to ask a professor who knows you and can say something positive beyond you went to class and did well on the exam. Maybe about your work ethic or your intellectual curiosity or your use of logic or how much your work developed over the semester.

May I talk to previous students who have completed the Fellows Program?

Below is a list of 2l and 3L students who spoke at PDLG Fellows Program presentations or have offered to talk with interested 1Ls about their PDLG experiences.


Delaware (Widener)

Kimberly Walters, Kwalters@widener.edu



Shae Randolph, shae.l.randolph@drexel.edu

Simone Charles, snr82@drexel.edu

Yusuf Yilmaz, yusuf.t.yilmaz@drexel.edu

Ella Perry, ella.m.perry@drexel.edu

Angeli Fernandez, af973@drexel.edu



Fabienne El-Cid, fje5@georgetown.edu



Raymond Magsaysay, rvm@pennlaw.upenn.edu

Benno Sauerman, benno@pennlaw.upenn.edu

Jake Hraniotis, pjh23@pennlaw.upenn.edu



Vira Shao, vira.shao@rutgers.edu

Joseph Marciano, jmm986@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

Shelly Melendez, shellyann.melendez@rutgers.edu

Ya Wang, ya.wang@rutgers.edu



Dillan Gomes, dillan.gomes@temple.edu

BK Katzman, bk.katzman@temple.edu

Kayla Fisher, kayle.d.fisher@temple.edu

Angelika Ekpo, angelika.ekpo@temple.edu

Chris Klein, cklein@temple.edu

Terence Jones, Terence.jones@temple.edu

Timmy Miller, timothy.miller@temple.edu

JoAnn Kim, joann.kim@temple.edu

Marissa Meyers, marissameyers@temple.edu



Emma Shi, eshi@law.villanova.edu

Jean-Claire Perini, jperini@law.villnova.edu

Samuel Son, sson8@law.villanova.edu

Asha Steele, asteele9@law.villanova.edu

Sierra Stockley, sstockle@law.villanova.edu