Summer Reception

Each summer, PDLG holds a reception to which it invites Fellows and alumni of the PDLG Fellows Program, PDLG Board representatives, law firm chairpersons, managing partners, hiring partners, diversity chairs and officers, recruiting directors, corporate general counsel and senior law department lawyers as well as the Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association and presidents of  area affinity bar associations.  The events give the Fellows and alumni the chance to catch up with each other and with those at organizations where they worked and  to meet representatives of firms and corporations where they might want to work.  For representatives of PDLG members it is an opportunity to talk with those who are working with them that year and or who did in prior years.   It is also an opportunity for them to meet other Fellows or alumni who might apply to them for jobs for the next summer, after graduation or as laterals.

PDLG also has periodic reunions for alumni of the Fellows Program.  The most recent was in 2014, at the offices of Flaster/Greenberg.  Alumni from all 12 years of the Fellows Program who were working in the Philadelphia metropolitan area were invited.  The purpose of this reception was to strengthen the connections between the alumni and between them and PDLG and its member organizations. Despite busy schedules, many alumni and PDLG Board Members were there.