Law School Exam Prep

From 2010 through 2013, PDLG developed a law school exam prep seminar which took place in the late fall each of those years.  The seminar included a panel of professors from area law schools who explained what professors are looking for in exam answers and how they read and grade exams.  They also gave guidance on how to study for exams including using materials such as old exams made available by professors and how to get the most out of meetings with professors during their office hours. A panel of successful law students then gave advice on how they approached preparation for exams including study groups, outlining, use of prior exams, meetings with professors  - and the changes they made to their approaches after their first set of exams.  Because of the proliferation of other exam prep classes taught at area law schools, PDLG no longer has a stand-alone exam prep seminar but rather includes an exam prep session into the summer PDLG 1L Boot Camp.