Fellows Program

Reference Form

Thank you for your participation in the PDLG Fellows Program application process. Although the application deadline is January 19, we very much appreciate it when professors are able to send their recommendations in advance so that we can move forward with applications as soon as possible. If you won’t be able to get it to us by the deadline, please send an email to Lois Kimbol at loiskimbol5647@gmail.com so we can figure out what will work.

To the Evaluator: We solicit your candid appraisal of the above-named applicant for participation in the PDLG Fellows Program. We have asked the applicant to give you a description of the program. In brief, the PDLG Program is designed to afford first-year law students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, have had to overcome obstacles in their pursuit of a legal career, or come from backgrounds underrepresented in the Philadelphia legal community an alternate route to obtaining a summer legal clerkship in Philadelphia. The goal of the PDLG is to achieve greater diversity in the Philadelphia legal community.

In your letter of recommendation, we would appreciate it if you would focus on the questions below. We believe answers to those questions will be most helpful to us in evaluating this applicant but add any other information you believe would be useful. The applicant has signed this form above to indicate his or her waiver of any claim of access to your recommendation.

Thank you very much for taking the time to assist us. If you have any questions, please contact Lois Kimbol at loiskimbol5647@gmail.com.

Please Note: You will be able to save your progress and revisit your application to make updates.

1. To what degree do you believe that the applicant has the intellectual ability, personal integrity, personal skills and necessary motivation to become a successful and contributing member of the legal profession? If possible, please give examples that reflect your opinion.

2. What do you perceive as the applicant’s strengths, academic or otherwise? If possible, please give examples that reflect your opinion.

3. What do you perceive as the applicant’s weaknesses, academic or otherwise? If possible, please give examples that reflect your opinion.

4. Do you know of any special circumstances in the applicant’s social or academic background, personality or experience that should be considered in evaluating the likelihood of the applicant’s success in a legal career?

5. Please add any additional information you think would be relevant to us in making our decision.