Fellows Program

Application Form

Application open December 1, 2023–January 18, 2024.

Need help filling out this application? Please contact Lois Kimbol, Vice President of Programs.

The PDLG Fellows Program offers diverse first-year law students a route to summer employment at outstanding law firms and legal departments. It also provides the PDLG Fellows with a series of seminars and programs designed to enhance their skills and increase their knowledge of the Philadelphia legal community.

Application Checklist:

    1. Contact your professor who will serve as your reference in the application. You will need to provide your professor with a link where they will provide a recommendation for you.
    2. Request your undergraduate and graduate transcripts from your alma mater's records office. You will be uploading your undergraduate, graduate, and law school transcripts.
    3. Update your resume. You will be uploading your most recent resume.
    4. Prepare 1L writing sample. You will be uploading a sample of your 1L memo.
    5. Review the essay question and write your response. You will be uploading your essays.

Please Note: You will be able to save your progress and revisit your application to make updates.