2024 Law School
Boot Camp

August 12–15, 6–9 pm ET

Aug 12
In-Person for Students Philly
(Virtual Option Available for Students Out of State)
Aug 13-15

Recognizing that many students starting law school have not had significant exposure to family members or friends who are lawyers or in law school, PDLG presents an annual Boot Camp for entering law students. The four evening PDLG Boot Camp is designed to demystify law school, including by providing a taste of 1L law school courses, guidance on doing law school well and an introduction to many careers open to lawyers.

How to Participate

✓  No application needed

✓ Sign up on-line

✓ It’s free

Who Should Sign Up?

✓ Any 1L who wants/needs more information about being a 1L than they have.  

  • You don’t have to be from Philadelphia if you are going to law school here
  • You don’t have go to law school here if you are from Philadelphia

✓ All are welcome!

What You Learn

How do you do law school well (and still have a life)?

How do you read cases?

How do different professors teach?

What is the Socratic method?

What are moot court, law review, and clinics?

What about study groups?


How do you brief a case?

Get a taste of required 1L classes taught by professors who teach them in law school.

Civil Procedure
Constitutional Law
Legal Research and Writing
Criminal Law

What Can You Do With a Law Degree?