Initial Screening

Certain of the law schools participating in the PDLG Fellows Program review applications and do the initial screening of applicants for the Program. The law school committee will select a predesignated number of candidates all of whom will be interviewed by the PDLG. The law school will evaluate applicants based on the criteria listed in the section on eligibility and based on its familiarity with the applicant and the applicant's work. At these schools, the applications will be submitted to the person designated by the Career Services Office. No applications from those schools should be sent to the PDLG directly by the applicant – they will only be returned to the school.

Some law schools prefer that the initial screening be performed by the PDLG Committee. The PDLG Committee will review the applications from those schools and select those to interview based on the criteria listed in the section on eligibility. Those applications will be submitted to the PDLG Fellows Program Committee by email to  Each part of the application (form, resume, list of activities and honors, personal statement, legal memo, law school transcript, other transcript(s)) should be a separate attachment to the email. If some parts (such as an undergraduate transcript) must be sent directly, they should be sent to PDLG Fellows Program Committee c/o Lois Kimbol, Esquire, Dechert LLP, CIRA Centre, 2929 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2808.

If you are interested in applying but you attend a law school that is not in the Philadelphia  area or does not participate in the PDLG Fellows Program, please contact Lois Kimbol at  to confirm your eligibility before preparing your application.

Applications for the 2016 summer are due  January , 2016.