Employer Actions

Students selected for summer employment will receive a letter from the employer confirming the selection and the details of employment. The final decisions will not be made by the PDLG - in fact, the PDLG will not have advance information about employment decisions.

From time to time and for various reasons, there are positions that open up after the primary round of employer interviews and decisions.  If that happens, some applicants may be offered another interview opportunity. Each year we have had several positions filled through this process, but it is not required that a student participate. 

Each year, application materials for some students not offered jobs with PDLG employers are provided to the Montgomery Bar Association Diversity Committee - and in 2015 to the Chester County Bar Association as well - for consideration under their Summer 1L Programs for diverse law students. Many participants in those Programs are chosen from PDLG applicants. On the PDLG application form there is an opportunity to choose whether to take advantage of this opportunity. 

If hired by a PDLG organization, PDLG Fellows will receive the same salary other first-year summer associates/clerks/interns (if any) are paid by the organization. Salaries and length of summer employment will differ significantly among the firms and organizations. Each participating employer has committed to fully involve any student hired through the PDLG Fellows Program in its summer associate/clerkship/internship program (if it has such a program), provide the Fellow with a mentor and provide appropriate and continuing feedback and training. The PDLG representative of the employer or his or her designee will serve as an additional mentor. Historically, PDLG has paired each Fellow who is not working at a law firm with one of our member law firms so that all Fellows will have the opportunity to be involved in some law firm summer training and social events.